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GE FTL Ballasts

GE Copper FTL Ballasts are vacuum impregnated for a durable life and is designed for optimal lamp performance. GE Copper Ballasts are available in two versions for domestic and industrial applications.
  • Vacuum impregnated with thermosetting epoxy lacquer for good heat radiation.
  • Enamel insulated copper windings to ensure a durable lifetime.
  • Compact size; quick mounting and wiring.
  • Industrial version; rugged construction for long hours of use.

Code Description Watts Volts Suitable With Length Height Width Pack Qty
L0487 GE FTL Ballast 230V 36/40W- DOMESTIC 36 230 36/40W FTL 140.0 0.0 0.0 1/25
L0319 GE FTL Ballast 240V 36/40W- INDUSTRIAL 36 240 36/40W FTL 140.0 0.0 0.0 1/25