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CEMA Energy Saver

CEMA Energy Saver T8 halophosphate lamps you can obtain almost the same light as the Standard T12 lamp while saving energy due to the lower wattage consumption. What more…you get a sleeker and more modern look with the T8 fluorescent lamp.

General Characteristics
Type T8 Fluorescent Lamp
Phosphor Coating Halophospate
Wattages 18, 36
Voltage 230
Rated Life (hrs) 5000
Tube diameter (mm) 26 (T8)
Base G-13

Code Description Watts Volts CCT CRI Lumens Efficacy Life (hrs) Pack Qty
110101 CEMA FTL T-8 ENERGY SAVER 18W 18 220-250 6500 75 1015 56.00 5000 1/30
110102 CEMA FTL T-8 ENERGY SAVER 36W 36 220-250 6500 72 2425 67.00 5000 1/30