GE Edison CFL rated BEST BUY by Consumer VOICE in 15W Category

Bangalore, Jun, 10 2009.

Consumer VOICE, a government recognized independent consumer research and testing organization, has rated GE Edison 15W 2U 6500K as the best brand out of the ten brands tested in the 15W 6500K category. GE Edison was closely followed by Crompton Energy Saver and Halonix ELD.

Consumer VOICE tested 16 models of CFLs to find out how true their light output and longevity claims were. The testing was undertaken to provide the Indian consumers with information on the performance of the CFLs being sold in India.

GE Edison 15W 2U rated high on most of the parameters set by Consumer VOICE including Starting Time, Initial Efficacy, Power factor, Lumen Maintenance and Life (2000hrs) The other criteria against which the lamps were rated were Run-up Time, Packing, Marking, Wattage, Initial Lumens and Color Coordinates.

The result of the test along with a detailed article has been published in the June issue of Consumer VOICE, the widely distributed consumer magazine bearing the same name as the organization. This is what Consumer VOICE had to say about GE Edison CFL “This 15 watt 6500K CFL has one of the highest lumen maintenance at 91.2%. This means that these GE lamps will continue to be bright even after they have run for 2,000 hours.

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