CEMA Glass Plant at Limbasi inaugurated after refurbishment

Limbasi, Mar, 22 2008.

The refurbishment of the Glass Plant at CEMA Limbasi, has been one of the key achievements for CEMA Electric Lighting.

James Stephanose had a freewheeling discussion with the key people, KN Devadas, LC Mondal and Nishikant Thakekar, regarding the entire operation.

The refurbishment process started on 6th Feb 2008 with the dismantling of the existing furnace Initially we’d set the target for completion for December but the project start got delayed by two months. We met our secondary target, which was 21st March 2008.

The project was headed by KN Devadas. LC Mondal headed the Furnace dismantling and reconstruction and Nishikant led Engineering Works. Mr. Junnarkar was the consultant for the furnace construction.

The materials were procured from specialist manufacturers all over India. The refractory bricks were primarily sourced from SEPR Refractories, Palakkad and Carborundum Universal, Chennai. Other refractory were procured from Maithan Ceramics, Chirkunda, Special Ceramics, Delhi, Meda Insulation Jamnagar and Unifrax India, Mumbai.  

The raw materials for the production of Soda Lime Glass are Quartz sand, Soda Ash, Dolomite, Feldspar, Sodium Sulphate and Carbon Black.

Significant milestones of this project were…. tightening of key of Meltor Crown on 19th March, Lighting up of furnace by our CEO, Sabu Krishnan, on  22nd March and the Ribbon Machine Cold Run on 5th April. The production of 1st shell on the ribbon machine was on 07th April at 10.05AM. The glass shells got quality approval by 12.00 noon the same day. PCT line production started on 3rd May.

Undeniably the most difficult moment during the project was when the Tubing Forehearth Entry Arch (27/5) was not available for the completion of the project. Everyone was chasing it and we eventually managed to get it on time, continuously tracking it from the supplier in Orissa to the CEMA factory.

A SCADA system for online monitoring
of parameters for batch house, furnace/plant operation enabling better access & control has been installed as a significant upgrade.
Currently there are 113 direct & 75 contract employees are at work in the Furnace in three shifts.

The products manufactured include are 25, 28, 35, 40, 60, 80mm Round.  Some special shapes we make are 50 & 60mm Mushroom, T-Shaped 60mm and Lota. 60, 70 and 75mm Anda, 35mm Candle are also made. Ribbon capacity is 210 Lakhs/month. Plain Cut Tube (PCT) sizes are T8 and T12.  

The first external dispatch was made to Photon Lighting Industries, Nadiad. The feedback from customers, both internal and external, have been really satisfactory