Sunlight is our biggest competitor. We encourage you to use it more during the daytime.

Home and workplace design

  • Design your homes and workspaces with maximum ventilation so as to use sunlight during the daytime.
  • Use skylights where ever possible in your home design to enable sunlight to filter in.
  • When painting or decorating your home, remember that lighter colors reflect light. On the contrary, dark colors on your walls reflect lesser light and makes the rooms seem less spacious.
  • Select bulbs wattage to provide the correct illumination as per application. See lumen requirement for different applications or try our online lighting design tool.
  • Try task lighting by focusing a bright light on a necessary area rather than evenly lighting the whole space. For example, use a table lamp instead of overhead lighting when reading at a desk.

Good Lighting Habits

  • Get into the habit of turning your lights off when you leave a room – even if you’ll only be gone a few minutes.
  • For every hour a day you keep a 100-watt standard bulb turned off, you’ll save $3 a year. The more lights you turn off, the more you’ll save.
  • Use a nightlight in your hallways instead of leaving a light burning all night. Make sure to turn the nightlight off during the daytime.
  • Dust your light bulbs and their coverings. The cleaner the glass, the more light shines through.
  • Use fewer bulbs in multi-bulb fixtures such as chandeliers.

Use Automation

  • Install an automation system to control when lights go on and off.
  • Install dimmer switches in your home for additional savings. The more you turn your dimmer switch down, the more you’ll save.
  • A 100-watt standard bulb uses less electricity than two 60-watt bulbs but gives off approximately the same amount of light. You’ll save almost four times more electricity if you replace your two 60-watt bulbs with a 26-watt CFL, which would be just as bright as a 100-watt standard bulb.
  • Use photocells or timers for your outdoor lights so they’ll turn on when it gets dark out and shut themselves off at dawn or at the set time.