CEMA Limbasi has a Compact Crush and Separation (CCS) MRT System which is fully automatic and easy to operate. All the scrap fluorescent lamps generated in the plant are processed in the system, separating it into soda lime glass, aluminum end caps, lead glass/Ferro metal components and phosphor powder. Also, exhaust tube tips, that are a by product of the dosing and exhaust operation in the manufacture of fluorescent tube lights, are processed in the MRT Distillation unit to extract the mercury.

Mercury Recovery Process.

The segregated lamp waste collected during the manufacture of fluorescent lamps at CEMA Limbasi is treated at the Lamp Recycling Plant. The entire process is incorporated in a container, in which the air is brought to sub atmospheric pressure, thereby preventing mercury from being released into the environment, as exhaust air is constantly discharged through the internal carbon filters. 

mercury recovery process

By Products

The following are the by-products from the lamp recycling operation:

  • Mercury containing phosphor powder: Land-filled at Gujarat Enviro-Protection and Infrastructure Ltd (GEPIL), Surat, Gujarat. Further distillation of contaminated phosphor powder to enable closed loop recycling is being experimented.
  • Mercury (recovered from distillation unit): Internally used after further distillation.
  • Aluminum caps & ferrous waste: Sold to authorized scrap dealers.
  • Crushed Glass: Closed loop recycling in CEMA’s Glass furnace.